Potter, Potter, and more Potter

Amazon.com is hosting a writing contest in which the winner will get a trip to London and the chance to read a handwritten and illustrated copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Don’t delay. The deadline to enter is April 22.

Equus, featuring a naked Harry Potter (OK, Daniel Radcliffe), will begin previews on Broadway in New York on September 5. Opening night is September 25.

And, finally, German Potter fans will apparently be treated to a line of “Halbblut Prinz” yarn for socks and sweaters. If my German is right, it will be available in September and will sell for about 10 Euros a ball.

One Reply to “Potter, Potter, and more Potter”

  1. I really like those yarn colors. Not being a knitter, I have no idea what they’d look like actually made into something, but the colors are great!

    Clearly one of us needs to win this contest. Alas, it won’t be me!

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