Plenty of Star Wars hints from Pablo at D23

d23-vaderThere may not have been big Star Wars movie news at the D23 Expo, but Pablo Hidalgo did drop some interesting hints regarding some other upcoming projects.

As Slashfilm points out, Pablo hinted that the Jedi legacy “casts a long shadow” and “you will feel that presence” on Rebels, and that (as the rumors claim) the Orange Harvest bounty may make it to Disneyland first.

He also said that there’s more Clone Wars bonus footage than we think, and “they’re close to pushing it out,” and “thinking out of the box” about distribution. We may not have seen the last of Detours, either. And for those who are particularly old school:

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  1. I guess Jedi in SW are inevitable nowadays – but how many Jedi did indeed survive order 66? I guess it becomes more and more a mystery to me why it was barely trained Luke who was to take out Vader and the Emperor… Just saying…

    1. Well, technically Luke didn’t take out anyone… He was just a catalyst. But no other Jedi could have prompted Vader to turn on Palpatine.

      I doubt we’ll see a LOT of Jedi – and the closer to ANH we get, the less we’ll see. Pretty much every one of them has that as an expiration date.

  2. K’Kruhk is one of my favorite Expanded Universe Jedi, but also one of the ones that infuriates me the most. He survives Order 66, but then even after the Empire goes down he still stays in hiding until sometime around the Legacy comics era? Craziness.

  3. If I recall what I said, it was something like, “The Jedi have been wiped out in this era, and they’re all but extinct. But their legacy casts a long shadow, and you will feel that presence in the show.” Or something like that.

  4. Dunc, true, but he was expected to take them out by Ben and Yoda.

    Mark, brilliant blog! OMG! And you’re completely right! That’s really a problem!

  5. I have thought about this a lot as well. The more they have jedi out there hiding the more it messes with the movie cannon and tone. Maybe some jedi are hiding and demoralized, but Yoda should have known and would have likely told look to seek them out after he dealt with Vader. Plus, once the Emperor and Vader are dead those jedi should have come back, especially after Luke started up the jedi again. I have a hard time seeing jedi hearing that a jedi academy is running and just thinking “screw it” rather than, “maybe I can lend a hand.”

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