Playing ‘Cat and Mouse’-droid with the reviewers?

Last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, ‘Cat and Mouse’ took the view back in time to just before the Battle of Christophsis that kicks off the series – and has Anakin and Admiral Yularen teaming up for the first time as they square off against a Separatist fleet tactician. While waiting for the Club Jade review, here’s what others have to say about ‘Cat and Mouse’:

  • Galactic Binder enjoyed getting a fine space battle, and a worthy and visually appealing adversary in the arachnid Admiral Trench.
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Reviews gave it 3.75/5 stars, calling Admiral Trench memorable, and succeeding where Season 1’s ‘Storm over Ryloth’ fell.
  • TheForce.Net enjoyed the WWII submarine movie style of the episode, and the relationship between Yularen and Trench.
  • Dauntless Media gave it a B, with love for the action, but found it needing more character and story depth.
  • Big Shiny Robot called it top notch, enjoying the submarine style, and Admiral Yularen’s time to shine.
  • Television Zombies gave it 3.5/5, calling ‘Cat and Mouse’ straightforward.
  • MTV got excited over clear writing for this fun adventure, and Bail Organa’s one-liner to Obi-wan, referencing A New Hope.
  • Pendragon’s Post called it solid, but not spectacular, and wished to see more of Trench in the future.
  • Prequel Appreciation Society picked up on the submarine vibe and was glad to see some wars again in The Clone Wars.

Check back this afternoon for Club Jade’s own review!

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