Pablo takes on Del Rey and Brian Daley Friday at CVI

Pablo Hidalgo looks at Day 2 on the Behind the Scenes stage, which starts off with the Del Rey panel and ends with a tribute to Brian Daley. Also, Warwick Davis, Hasbro, the Ralph McQuarrie retrospective, and model making. You know where we’ll be next week!

Not that Pablo says he expects the Del Rey panel to “be dominated by audience Q&A,” so start thinking up some good questions… I’ll have a few general Q&A tips early next week.

And Aaron Allston has posted his signing and panel schedule. We got Zahn’s the other day. UPDATE: And here’s Del Rey’s full Celebration VI schedule.

2 Replies to “Pablo takes on Del Rey and Brian Daley Friday at CVI”

  1. Dear Hasbro –
    When do we get crossover MLP with Star Wars? You did it with Transformers, and I know lots of guys and girls who would love SW-MLP.

    And can we get a set of Doctor Who MLPs? ;)

    MLP of today fan

  2. I’m excited to see the Daley panel. I devoured those books in the post-Zahn pre-KJA time when I was frantic for more SW.

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