Out to lunch: Jadecon 2011 is imminent

Regular blogging has been suspended until, oh, next week sometime. We may be tweeting, and there may be the occasional entry here, but no promises.

3 Replies to “Out to lunch: Jadecon 2011 is imminent”

  1. Hey kids!

    In spite of efforts by the Darkside to take out several people with cancelled flights and bad weather, we are slowly gathering and about to start our first night of festivities.

    (And I wouldn’t entirely rule out some drunken blogging that makes sense to only those who are there.)

    Someone keep up on the new for us, okiday?

  2. Don’t tell anyone but I’m getting married on Saturday (June 25) and the music for after we’ve signed the register is the end theme from A New Hope, the throne room fan fair.

    No but me and the bride know Ha ha. And all of the people on here that read this post…

  3. Congratulations to you and the soon-to-be Mrs.! Using the Yavin Throne Room theme is a great way to finish off your shared moment of triumph – best wishes to you on the big day and on your new life together!

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