Out this week: Vader’s 3-D Reconstruction Log

Darth Vader: A 3-D Reconstruction Log should be in stores now. For the occasion, author Dan Wallace shares five things you didn’t know about the book.

…And that’s it for this week. I assume we’ll see comics at some point, but our next books will be the (long-delayed) Complete Vader on the 18th and Paul S. Kemp’s Riptide on the 25th.

3 Replies to “Out this week: Vader’s 3-D Reconstruction Log

  1. maybe the complete vader was delayed so that it could include info from the reconstruction log, so that it would remain complete. ;)

  2. I love this time of year. So many new books to enjoy!

    (And then you get to aggravate friends and relatives who are left with nothing to get you for the holidays.)

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