Out this week: The Star Wars #1

The Star Wars #1 (detail)Head to the comic store on Wednesday to pick up The Star Wars #1, the comic adaption of George Lucas’ first draft screenplay.

Also in stores this week is the latest Star Wars Insider, #144, featuring a Hondo Ohnaka short story.

Our next novel release comes September 24, Martha Wells’ Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge.

2 Replies to “Out this week: The Star Wars #1”

  1. Mostly enjoyed the first issue of The Star Wars today. The art is lovely, the design work is fantastic, and everything has a great foreign-yet-familiar feel to it that makes for fairly surreal reading.

    If I have a complaint so far, it’s that there’s not a whole lot of dialogue or narration in this issue. That puts a lot of weight on the art to convey action and story and location, but the page layouts aren’t very dynamic or engaging. It makes the whole thing feel a little flat in some places.

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