Out this week: The Clone Wars Episode Guide

Out today from DK is The Clone Wars Episode Guide by Jason Fry, detailing all 108 episodes of the show. Fry gave us a few details on his Tumblr, as well as in a Twitter chat earlier this afternoon.

Meanwhile, in the comic shop on Wednesday Dark Times wraps up the latest arc with Fire Carrier #5.

Later this month we’ll see the paperback of Aaron Allston’s X-Wing: Mercy Kill, while July brings William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher and Troy Denning’s Crucible.

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  1. Um, the description says 100 episodes? There were 107 aired, plus the “bonus content” coming out. I don’t know if the description is just inaccurate or if this book is already obsolete. My bet is to wait – there will probably be a revised version in a year.

  2. Agree with James. Ahsoka not making the cover is an epic fail. After all, didn’t Filoni say the Clone Wars was her story?

  3. In today’s chat, Fry mentioned that the guide will not contain info on the bonus content episodes. are you sure on that 107 number – are you counting a double length episode as one instead of two?

    Season One: 22 episodes.
    Season Two: 22 episodes.
    Season Three: 22 episodes.
    Season Four: 22 episodes.
    Season Five: 20 episodes.
    = 108 episodes.

  4. I also agree with James. No Ahsoka, really?

    Should we take a fact there doesn’t seem to be bonus content in the book as a bad sign, or is it just already obsolete? Or perhaps they just don’t want to reveal how much bonus content there is?

  5. the other cool thing about the guide book: not only does it cover the movie, but it also covers the episodes in chronological order – not broadcast order.

  6. I think Fry said on Twitter it was originally supposed to be the first 100, but they expanded when it became clear that S5 was the last. The description may be leftover – or just rounding off the number. Note the big red ‘108 episodes’ on the cover.

    As for not covering the bonus content, it seems pretty cut-and-dry to me… If it hasn’t been aired or released yet, why would they cover it in a book that came out today? Let’s not give into paranoia when there’s a perfectly valid, rational reason at hand. (And no reason to think coverage of them couldn’t be bonus content in a future edition of this very book… After they’re released.)

  7. Fry said during the Twitter chat that he knows as much about the bonus content as the rest of us. This is just for what’s already out there, but he’d love to update online like he has other books he’s written if he could later on after the content is released.

  8. James, you’re right, 108. Some descriptions of the book claim it still only covers 100 episodes, but I’m glad it will actually cover all 108 aired episodes.

    I don’t think not covering the bonus content is a sign of a conspiracy. I do kind of wonder who decided to publish the book now rather than say in 6 months… I guess maybe it was already too far in the publication process before the cancellation was announced.

  9. as dunc pointed out, the book was meant to cover the first 100 episodes, then when it was known that the show was wrapping up, it went to cover the entire season, instead of leaving off the last 8. so some descriptions are just out of date.

  10. Thanks, I got that the book is covering the 108 aired episodes. I read the book description on Amazon which still states it only covers the 100. I notified Amazon and suggested it correct the mistake. I suggest other people do the same and contact vendors when the description is wrong.

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