Out this week: Star Wars #9

Star Wars #9Head to the comic book store on Wednesday for Star Wars #9, in which Leia apparently visits the remains of Alderaan. September is all about Alderaan, I guess.

Or, if you want the original Legacy series collected in hardcover, Book 2 will be out as well. Not sure which issues are in this one, but with both it and Book 1 clocking in at over 400 pages each, it’s gotta be a good chunk of the series.

Our next novel release is Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells (reviewed!) on September 24, with J. W. Rinzler’s massive The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi looming on October 1.

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  1. Legacy Book 1 (which came out in June) contains issues #1-19, plus the handbook (book #1/2)

    Legacy Book 2 contains Legacy issues #20-36, plus #41

    Book 3, out next February) should contain issues #37-50 (except #41), plus the six part Legacy: War series that ended the saga.

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