Out this week: Phasma comic, Star Wars Adventures

With Force Friday out of the way, we’ve got a whole load of comics coming our way on Wednesday, September 6. The big game in town is Phasma #1, which begins the tale of how she got out of the trash compactor and survived The Force Awakens. Marvel also brings us Darth Vader #5 and Rogue One #6, the final issue of the movie adaptation.

Them we have IDW’s Star Wars Adventures #1 for young readers, which features two stories – one with Rey on Jakku, and another featuring Obi-wan. It has two different covers.

Back to Marvel, we have several collections. Darth Maul collects the miniseries in a paperback. The Darth Vader hardcover omnibus collects the complete Kieron Gillen series, while the Star Wars Marvel UK collects a variety of ’70s and ’80s comics from the UK.