Out this week: Into the Void, Star Wars #5

Int the Void (crop)It’s finally a novel week! Coming out tomorrow in hardcover is Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void by Tim Lebbon. Look for my review in the morning. (Spoiler: I actually kinda liked it.)

Meanwhile, Brian Wood fans can look forward to Wednesday and the release of Star Wars #5.

Back to novel land, our next upcoming releases are the paperback reprint of Aaron Allston’s X-Wing: Mercy Kill on June 25, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher on July 2 and Troy Denning’s Crucible on July 9.

4 Replies to “Out this week: Into the Void, Star Wars #5”

  1. So here’s my question: if I’m not caught up on publication order (and if I haven’t read the DAWN OF THE JEDI comics), is DAWN OF THE JEDI safe to read?

  2. Cool. And you don’t think reading it out of publication order of the other Old Republic novels will be an issue? I’m pretty sure this book pre-dates the Old Republic, but I’m paranoid. :)

  3. It’s a complete standalone. I believe the comics happen co-currently and certain events in them are happening in the background/referenced, but you don’t need to know to follow the book’s plot, which is pretty much self-contained. (Though I won’t be surprised if people/things from the book eventually show up in the comics.)

    I have read exactly one Old Republic book and I don’t even remember most of it. But DotJ is so early in the timeline that the Sith Lords as an order/organization don’t even exist yet. They actually created a new era for it.

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