Out this week: Hyperspace, A Long Time Ago

We got so much last week I hope you weren’t expecting much… But the first two Adventures in Hyperspace books (looking a little too young to be Young Adult) may be in stores now, if they weren’t already. Comic-goers can keep an eye out for a new omnibus of the old Marvel series coming from Dark Horse. Due to the holiday, it should be in stores Thursday.

(Speaking of last week, don’t forget the poll on Fate of the Jedi: Allies.)

4 Replies to “Out this week: Hyperspace, A Long Time Ago

  1. Does anyone know if this or future volumes would include the Sheila Bree/Lumiya storyline? I had to wookieepedia her to work out where she came from.

  2. She was somewhere in the middle/late volumes of the last collection, so unless they stop, yes.

  3. We should get the Shira story in the next volume (3) of the omnibus series — think that was covered in issues 56-65. The Lumiya storyline wont come until the end — not sure what that volume will be (6?)

  4. I found them. They’re a hoot and well written.

    They’re perfect for toddler storytime and probably first grade reading.

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