Out this week: Fate of the Jedi, Invasion, and Legacy

Head out to the bookstore today to pick up the fifth volume of Fate of the Jedi, Christie Golden’s Allies. Also on the shelves is Golden’s Star Wars debut and the second Fate of the Jedi novel, Omen in paperback.

It’s a good week for post-ROTJ comics as well, with Invasion – Rescues #1 and Legacy #48 headed for comic shops on Wednesday.

4 Replies to “Out this week: Fate of the Jedi, Invasion, and Legacy

  1. Almost there! I’m picking up my copy of Backlash from the library today.

  2. For once I actually got it in the UK at the same time as the US… in fact, possibly a day earlier, because I received and read it all yesterday!

    It was pretty good… I had a few complaints that I won’t spoil anybody with (except for the fact that the author has once again put in loads of Earth sayings, sigh), but on the whole it’s one of the best in the series so far.

  3. The only problem with saving money on shipping by buying them two at a time is having to wait. This time I will try and resist spoilers (… yeah, right, the things are evilly tempting)

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