Out this week, maybe: Visions of Star Wars art

It’s time to start looking in earnest for the art book Star Wars: Visions. While it’s been listed online with a November release date, there have been several reports of it being in stores, which I take to mean that it’s not formally street dated. Preview some of the pieces at Underwire, and be sure to check out Paula’s review.

(Note: This post originally said that The Clone Wars S2 DVDS and TFUII were coming out today. That’s, uhh, next week. Sorry for any confusion.)

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  1. My B&N was very confused as to when they were supposed to put them out. When I had them look it up, they saw no firm street date, so they put them all out.

    Those buying from major chains may wish to try that if they’re not on the floor, yet. They’re probably sitting in the back room.

  2. My copy – pre-ordered from Amazon UK back in April – was delivered on Monday (18th) in a huge box with plenty of crumpled brown paper to cushion it.

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