Out this week: Choices of One

It’s time! Timothy Zahn’s Choices of One is in stores Tuesday. In the meantime, you can read 50 pages of the book. Or, read Tim comparing Star Wars to chocolate, about five real women warriors, and Naci’s top ten Mara Jade moments.

And because it never rains when it can pour, there are comics for Wednesday. Jedi: The Dark Side #3, The Old Republic: Lost Suns, and Clone Wars: The Starcrusher Trap will all be waiting in your local comic store.

4 Replies to “Out this week: Choices of One

  1. Does no one else think the front cover art for Choices is poor? Mara looks weird and the stormtroopers look like bobble heads!

    Unless this is just concept art and the real deal is yet to be seen.

  2. Yeh I remember that, I was hoping more improvements we’re coming… Why can’t Star Wars books look cool!

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