Out this week: Blueprints, Threat of Peace

I’m hearing that DK’s Blueprints: Rebel Edition should be in stores now. (You could probably also keep an eye out for Year by Year, though technically it’s not being released until the 16th.) As for comics, Dark Horse is sending out the print Threat of Peace #2 for Wednesday.

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  1. Had Year by Year for about 3 weeks now, absolutely brilliant book, so cleverly done and researched. If DK keep this up they’ll be THE major SW book publisher, never mind Del Rey!

  2. @ Mark:

    Just out of curiosity, how in depth does Year by Year go? 320 is a pretty hefty page-count for a coffee table book, but is it mostly graphics? Or is there actually detail and commentary offered up?

  3. It’s a good mix of both actually, and shows prime Star Wars events month by month from that particular year.
    For example, just opened randomly on page 116, which focuses on 1984. For example, the February entry tells us the the OSWFC peaked its membership at 184,046 members and on Feb 11th the Space Shuttle Challenger completed it’s 10th Mission (STS-41-B) landing at Kennedy Space Centre.
    It throws in real-world events to anchor you to the time the SW events happened – it’s a VERY good book, and the slipcase is just gorgeous..

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