Out this week: Agent of the Empire #1

Wednesday brings the debut issue of John Ostrander’s Agent of the Empire, featuring the James Bondesque Imperial agent Jahan Cross. The series spans a few years before A New Hope, or so I hear.

Also gracing the comic shelves will be a pair of digest reprint collections: Episode I Adventures collects some TPM side adventures, while Episode I: The Phantom Menace is the official movie adaption.

You might also want to be on the lookout for the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider, #130, for the new short story by Matthew Stover, ‘The Tenebrous Way,’ though in some places I’m seeing it dated for the 21st.

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  1. I kinda like the sound of this. Being a big Bond fan as well I’ve always wanted a good Bond-like Star Wars story. Plus, something set closer to the OT is a plus. I honestly get lost in all of the Old Republic stuff…just can’t connect with the characters or time period.


    Okay, I am reading it. I just ordered it and preordered the next two issues.

    I adore me some James Bond. (See my favorite Girl Genius character being the English spy.) And I’m lost both in the Old Republic, which a bunch of characters I never heard of and am not interested in, and the long post-ROTJ series full of characters I barely recognize who are probably going to die horribly in most cases anyway.

    Between this and the new X-Wing book I might actually have some reason to shell out money to LFL again.

  3. If you’re a Bond fan, you’ll definitely enjoy this comic – there are lots of Bond references and moments in the first issue. And if you look closely in the background, you might also see some random Star Trek and Muppets references.

    If you don’t mind some mild spoilers, i’ve already got my review of it posted on big shiny robot:

  4. Dark Horse is always hit and miss, no matter how good the concept. Some of the art lately has been atrocious. However, some of the stories have been interesting. Now that it appears to be over the three invasions arc’s are worth a read, especially if you are going to nab the trade

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