Out this week: A whole lot of nothing (+ Insider)

No books, no comics, but you might now be able to find Star Wars Insider #123 in stores.

Also, I’ve been hearing that some folks are having difficulties finding the Knight Errant novel at Borders – which may be part of their vendor payment issues – but I haven’t been to a Borders since mid-January. Have you had any luck?

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  1. I don’t know about Borders, but Barnes & Noble had them hiding in a “New Releases” book display, but off to the side, with none in the stacks.

    Be sure to ask before giving up.

  2. Yeah, I had to really search around for my copy at B&N, too. Nothing in the stacks, nothing on the main table, and none on the New Paperback four-siders by the door. I eventually found a couple of them on the bottom shelf/nook thing of the display table that they had heaped all of their copies of that terrible Jersey Shore woman’s book on.

  3. B&N (and any other major chain/indie that IS NOT BORDERS) should be fine, even if you have to search for it.

    Borders has been having trouble paying vendors, which might mean some stores may not be getting new product as quickly, or at all.

  4. I was able to find it at both of my local Borders stores. They might be stacked against the endcap of some shelf or another in the Sci-fi/Fantasy area–it’s a pretty common place for them to put either large quantities of things or new things, seems like.

  5. Latest rumor is they’ll file for bankruptcy. So some stores might get closed in that. Sigh.

    I fear that they’ll close the small one nearest to me, which is far, far better run than the full-sized one down the road. (Of course, the nice thing about living in an ‘uncool’ area of suburbia is that we only have those two, with the nearest B&N at least 20 minutes away, so they might both be spared.)

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