Out this week: A new Dark Times storyline begins

Comic fans can look forward to the start of a new arc on Wednesday with Dark Times: Out of the Wilderness #1.

You may even get the new issue of Insider! Technically it came out last week, but I only received mine in the mail yesterday. But I probably deserved that, given that I still haven’t taken the plastic off the previous two issues yet.

The cupboard won’t be so bare next week: August 9th will bring the the eighth Fate of the Jedi book, Christie Golden’s Ascension.

Or, looking even furthur into the future, Amazon is currently offering preorder savings on both Blu-Ray trilogy sets for $39.99 each – that’s 43% off retail. (The full saga is only 36% off – perhaps they’re saving that sale for closer to the release?) In any case, savings.

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  1. Amazon UK shipped my copy of Ascension yesterday. So I should have it well before the 9th. They do love to ignore book release dates!

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