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exile.jpgToday, aka Tuesday, brings us the fourth Legacy of the Force novel, Aaron Allston’s Exile. The official site has an author interview and three (three!) excerpts for the occasion. And when did Aaron get that snazzy new author photo?

For the comic readers, Wednesday sees the release of Knights of the Old Republic #14.

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  1. Aaron’s had that photo for a while. It was taken in Alaska. It looks very authorial.

    I’m avoiding reading this article until I finish the book. (Have to actually get the book, first, but you know what I mean.)

  2. That photo was taken in May 1999 on an upper deck of the Westerdam, a cruise ship of the Holland America line. I was sort of charmed by the preposterousness of a Texan writer who only sees snow once every ten years or so having snow-capped Alaskan peaks in the background of his publicity photo.

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