Our first, fuzzy look at Resistance?

Emerging today on Twitter was our first (very fuzzy) look at some of the cast of the upcoming cartoon, Resistance. First spotted thanks to @GetFANDOM, it apparently originated with Guillaume Malgouyres, who per his Twitter bio is a marketer with Disney France.

Many are speculating that the red stormtrooper is Cardinal, a character introduced in Delilah S. Dawson’s novel Phasma. The colors are a bit off, so Phasma herself could be the central figure in the First Order image. The biggest Resistance figure may be series lead Kazuda Xiono, and that could be Poe Dameron over his left shoulder. Both Oscar Isaac (Poe) and Gwendoline Christie (Phasma) will be voicing their roles for the cartoon.

Resistance was announced in April and will begin airing in the fall on Disney XD.