Other worlds: Walton’s Among Others takes Nebula

Awards. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America gave out the Nebula Awards last weekend, and I’m shocked that my pick, Jo Walton’s Among Others, took the novel prize. Other winners include Kij Johnson, Geoff Ryman, and Ken Liu.

A Neil Gaiman-penned episode of Doctor Who, ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’ took the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, and Delia Sherman’s The Freedom Maze won the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. Connie Willis was honored as a Grand Master, and the Solstice Award (“for those who have made a consistent, positive, major difference in the genre”) went to the late Octavia Butler and John Clute.

First look. Aaron Allston is currently revising his novels Doc Sidhe and Sidhe-Devil, and offers an early look at the new cover for Doc Sidhe. He hopes to make a new edition of the book available in the summer. In other Allstony news, he’s among the authors of a new short story anthology that will be published at Origins Game Fair , where, coincidently, several Club Jaders will be next week. Timothy Zahn and Michael A . Stackpole also have stories, as well as a few other names that may be familiar.

Comics. Marvel will be hosting its first gay wedding in June, as X-Man Northstar weds his partner Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #51. Northstar, a founding member of Alpha Flight, (the Canadian Avengers, apparently) has been out of the four-color closet since 1992. Making use of their parent company’s corporate clout, Marvel announced the move on morning talk show The View.

Not to be oudone, DC Comics recently announced that they’ll soon be reintroducing an existing character as gay. DC reimaged the character of Batwoman, Kate Kane, as a lesbian in 2009.

Something else worth checking out: A look at the evolution of LGBT characters in comics, fandom, and YA lit.

Look at your life, look at your choices. Ex-Twilight fan fiction Fifty Shades of Grey has sold 10 million copies. “BookScan data indicates that the trilogy has captured twenty-five percent of the adult fiction market in recent weeks.” Twenty. Five. Percent. Meanwhile, MTV’s Josh Horowitz risked opening up some kind of wormhole by getting Kristen Stewart (among others) to read from the book.

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