Orlando bound: Celebration VI begins Thursday!

Not surprisingly, posting from here on out will be a bit spotty due to Celebration. We will be covering the con, but it’s likely that any news will appear on Twitter first. Follow @ClubJade and @JamesJawa for real-time reports!

We’ll also have a bit of swag to give out: SPF 66 buttons! They’re small, just 1″ – perfect for hanging off lanyards, or wherever you find the space. Watch the Twitters to find us and get one of your own. (I also have a few bracelets left over from CV, but not all that many!)

In the meantime, here’s a quick look back at our convention tips:

  1. Vacation-ize your Twitter. I put mine into motion today.
  2. Clothes and shoes! Outside it’s Orlando, but inside it’s Hoth.
  3. Be nice to the volunteers!
  4. Expand your horizons. Try new things.
  5. There will be lines, but you don’t (usually) need to camp. As pertains to panels, anyway.
  6. Cameras, phones, camera phones and sharing your photos.
  7. Navigating the autograph hall. It ain’t like dusting crops, boy!
  8. #The basics of bags. Things worth carrying.
  9. Beware the con crud. No one likes to get sick at con.
  10. Watch out for the rumor mill. Stay informed.
  11. Time to pack! Suitcase up!
  12. Photographing fans in costume. Our most popular guide!
  13. Keeping in touch with texting and apps.
  14. Don’t be a creeper, or, basic human decency 101
  15. The quick guide to Q&As.
  16. Showering is good, and other miscellany. A place to add or ask about anything else.

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