Opa Gungan Style: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

So yeah, the entire free world, except possibly my dad, now knows about Gangnam Style. (I actually heard it on the radio yesterday. The actual broadcast radio. Yes, I still listen the radio sometimes. Deal with it.) So, yes, it’s more or less played out. But hey… I had a theme. Also below the cut, a warrior race’s lack of interest in lasers. Jabba the Hutt’s pantslessness, a puzzle for comic fans from Randy Stradley and your usual spread of #SWEU, Star Wars life, and snark.

#StarWars/#SWEU tweets for Sept. 10-16

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Somewhere deep in his secret lair, George Lucas reviews a pitch for a Jar-Jar dance dance revolution game, called "Oppa Gungan Style".uosəəq ʞɹɐɯ
Somewhere in a recording studio "Weird Al" is debating whether or not the Star Wars Prequels were too long ago to do "Gungan Style"Trevor Moore
There are only three certainties in life: death, taxes and a terrible #StarWars/Gangnam Style "Gungan Style" mash-up video.Death Star PR
Yes, the last one is from Monday. So? I have a theme.
Oh look Star Wars has a bring your kid to school day http://pic.twitter.com/77wTTA9pDave Callan
Yeah, they’re all about the taste of cold steel and everything, but as a warrior race you’d think Klingons would have invented a lightsaber.Peter DiCicco
I’d like to see George Lucas working with Mythbusters to defend Greedo’s shooting of Han Solo.Eddy Choi
The fact that Jabba was not wearing pants out trumps Jar Jar as the worst thing ever in the Star Wars universe by far.Licorice Nipples

Watching the movies

Luckily for everyone in Star Wars, no one on either side ever quite gets a handle on AIMING a blaster.Thomas Lennon
Watching ‘Star Wars’ on Telemundo. This Juan Solo guy is kind of a badass.Clarke Kant
Even on his literal death bed, Yoda laughs out loud at what a noob Luke is. #ReturnOfTheJedi #StarWarsAaron D. Edwards
Despite the film’s problems, there’s a beautiful symmetry in Vader taking his first breath as Padme takes her last. Sue me, I’m a sap. #ROTSTrace
You know what? If Jim Henson had been alive and helped with the prequels, Jar Jar Binks would have been loved by all.McBride
God’s own truth. Jim Henson is magic.


A message for Star Wars comics fans only: I am working on a script. The number 108 is in play.You may resume your normal twittering now.Randy Stradley
There’s a bit in @brianwood’s latest STAR WARS script that makes me want to do this: http://media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/57/603/603057.gif #princessleiaisbetterthanyouJennifer Heddle
Oh.. my… #MercyKill your 17th chapter has left.me bawling with snot all Gladiator like. Thanks Allston.Maleko Hurli man
Was unhappy with how incompetent Luke seems in Dark Apprentice. Can sense the universe but can’t detect Exar Kun down the hall. #SWEUCan’dalore
That’s the magic of Anderson’s characterization!
What I love about Mercy Kill is that it’s a rare example of using 20 years of continuity to bolster the plot rather than hinder it. #SWEUBrian
Reading a Star Wars wiki is like listening to a speech where someone sneezes every five seconds and just makes that part of the speech.David Malki !
"A member of the Yuuzhan Vong’s Shaper caste contacted Regent Torphceris of the Argazdan Redoubt in the final days of the Kanz Disorders"David Malki !
Proposition: Expanded Universe books are the gnostic gospels of the Star Wars franchise. Discuss.Adam Rawnsley

Star Wars life

I just had the best two consecutive conversations ever. First was about the victimization of Juggalos. Second was about racism in Star Wars.Jennifer
I’ve been staring at this pen for an hour and it hasn’t moved a bit. Fuck you George Lucas.Tribe of One
I’m carrying around this briefcase like it’s full of important papers and not Star Wars action figures.Ellice
Guy in cafeteria thought I was checking him out. Really I was scoping his Millennium Falcon schematics tee. But he was cute, too. ;)ginchy_amanda
Some days I get really depressed because I know I will never be as cool as Lando Calrissian. #StarWarsJonathan Hord
OH: "She hasn’t seen #StarWars? Dude, you can’t be with her if she hasn’t seen Star Wars!"Chesley Windon
When is it time for your kids to starting playing with the SW toys that you played with as a kid? My son has determined that age is 6.Leland Chee
In class, we said fave movie when introducing ourselves. I was only one to say #StarWars, which tells you I go to school w a bunch of liars.Malena
Maybe as a professional childcare provider I shouldn’t insinuate that I am a Sith Lord. Pfft #starwars #sithintraining #eceally locke
I just endured blunt head trauma in order to recover a single fallen Star Wars fruit snack. Yes, they are that good.Steve Pierce
Today in my first lecture of class I used Star Wars as an analogy for developing a solid project. Thank you George Lucas.Khai Nguyen


The entire text crawl at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope will fit on the the iPhone 5.Fake Dispatch
I’m going to start a rumour that Apple wanted to make the iPhone 5 screen 1138×640, not 1136×640, but George Lucas threatened to sue.Matthew JC. Powell
I’ve haven’t seen a movie provoke such violent reactions around the world since Star Wars Episode I.Jason Spooner
I keep watching The Voice expecting to see the Emperor swivel around in one of the chairs and it JUST NEVER HAPPENS. #TeamPalpyYZ Freedman
Does seeing the big screen re-release of Raiders tonight mean I’m going to have to watch the sword-wielding man shoot first? #LucasFilmMichelle Burke
I’ll bet if they had Twitter in Star Wars that Luke would get mocked for using all those #UseTheForce hashtags.John
They say a problem shared is a problem halved. If you don’t believe it, ask Darth Maul. He’ll know for sure. #starwarsJedi Order PR

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  1. Sounds like I must have something in common with your dad. I have no idea what Gangnam Style means. Even more important…I have no desire to know either. Any interest I might have had in learning about it was lost when you said, “heard it on the radio”. Rest of the tweets were pretty good though!

  2. My intro to Gangnam Style was a Legend of Korra cosplay video. That high level of WTF-ery has never completely gone away.

    Also: still really enjoying the tweet roundup posts. Thanks for doing them!

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