One big way Marvel’s Shattered Empire may connect to The Force Awakens


Marvel’s Shattered Empire #1 came out today, and just in case you have managed to miss/evade the big spoiler… It’s actually a pretty good one! (Well, IMHO.) Under the cut, kids.

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Shattered Empire #1 (panel)


Our protagonist, Shara Bey, is indeed Shara Bey, but her husband? Kes Dameron. And where have we heard of a Dameron before?



Now, neither character actually mentions having a kid in #1, but going back to our first major interview with writer Greg Rucka, this quote is suddenly very interesting…

There’s a backstory that I don’t actually ever see getting into the issues, and as it stands now, this is subject to change,” he says. “In my head, they joined after the victory at Yavin, and they joined after the victory at Yavin for a very specific reason. They had a cargo service that they ran and they had a newborn. They were like, ‘Well, what’s the future for our child going to be?’” Even if this origin is not set in stone, it represents an emotional core. Shara and Kes have something to fight for.

Note the “in my head” and “not set in stone.” So we may or may not actually see a baby Poe (or a sibling) but it’s certainly interesting, isn’t it?


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