Oh yes, this will end well…

Assuming it’s true, that is, and it looks likely. Spotted in the latest Insider by Acky12 at the NJOE boards:

Del Rey Asks Fans to Name the next Sith Lord
Besides being the ultimate bad guys, Vader, Sidious, Maul, and Bane have another thing in common: they all had to go through the ritual of shunning their identities to solidify their allegiance to the Sith order. A pivotal point in the career of any self-respecting Sith Lord is the adoption of his or her Darth title. If you’ve been reading the Legacy of the Force series of novels (and if not, why haven’t you?) then you know that – SPOILER ALERT, highlight to read – Jacen Solo is turning toward the dark side of the Force. The young Sith Lord is about to take the most definitive of steps by adopting a Darth moniker and Del Rey is sponsoring a contest in which readers get to choose the name of the newest Sith Lord in the Star Wars saga. Is it us, or is that pretty sweet? Details for the contest can be found at www.darthwho.com

Darthwho.com has been registered by Random House and currently redirects to Randomhouse.com.

4 Replies to “Oh yes, this will end well…”

  1. Oh, the pomposity that will emerge with this contest. I can see the overly serious fanboys running to the dictionary, right now!

  2. How about “Darth Delusional”?

    Not like Vader! Not like Vader! Not like Vader!

    *fast forward into the future*

    Oh, um, yeah, just like Vader.

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