NYCC: Meet Rebels’ big bad, the Inquisitor

The Inquisitor

True to the panels’ subtitle, Pablo’s Rebels presentation at NYCC focused on ‘the might of the Empire.’ The big ticket reveal? The show’s primary villain, ‘the Inquisitor.’

Rebels (logo)Yes, Inquisitors do exist in the EU, and yes, it’s been pointed out that this one does resemble The Son from Clone Wars’ Mortis arc… Although he appears he may be Utapaun?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video with Dave Filoni:

Other things we learned? The show begins 14 years after Revenge of the Sith with a focus on the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. And of course, there’s more at

UPDATE: Hero Complex interviews Filoni and has another piece of concept art, and check out

Check out our Storify of tweets from NYCC, below the cut.

23 Replies to “NYCC: Meet Rebels’ big bad, the Inquisitor”

  1. The guy seems to stem from Utapau, doesn’t he? Well, I can live with him, I guess. I hope we’ll learn about what it means to be an inquisitor, how they are organized, etc. And maybe we’ll get a look at Jerec and his friends?

    As for the rest: Nice ships! And I like the idea that some of the old clones have a problem with the Empire. Seeing an older Rex could be fun.
    Plus: That tidbit about the pilot of the Ghost… I am probably completely wrong here, but he (or she?) sounds like a Jedi…
    Overall feeling today: Psyched. :-)

  2. I like the idea – and look – of the Inquisitor. Also good to get focus away a bit from Anakin/Vader for a while. I haven’t been really warm about the Rebels concept so far because it’s well before Luke’s appearance – but it might be interesting after all…

  3. @GC: Won’t Mara only be 13? Then again, I doubt the Emperor cares much about child labour laws.

    And if they needed someone to infiltrate a group of teenagers … ;-)

    (Not likely I know, just having fun.)

  4. I’m glad it won’t be a Vader fest. Inquisitors sound cool. Maybe they’re just force-sensitive to help track down force users? I’m on board. Although, is it just me, or do the Stormtrooper helmets look kind of wonky?

  5. I’m very curious how the inquisitors will be depicted here. I’ve found their depiction (especially in the regrettably poor Coruscant Nights/Last Jedi series) very uneven and difficult to believe. In those books, I thought they were presented as too powerful, essentially as powerful as a knight or sith themselves. And where, exactly, did this dark side user army come from within a 1 or 2 of Order 66? Had that been explained somewhere?

    PS: After reading both “Force Unleashed” books (but not playing the games), I’m praying for a Starkiller free Rebels…

  6. The Inquisitors seem to originate in some pretty awful EU – I actually thought it was the Jedi Prince series (nope, that’s the Prophets of the Dark Side,) but the Wook says it was YJK. Either way, yeesh. Nowhere to go but up from there.

    There’s some stuff in the Wook on origins. But who knows if they’ll use that or make up their own…

  7. Inquistors first appeared “in-universe” in YJK, but they were actually created by the ’87 WEG RPG. I dunno if we can assume there’s an army of them in Rebels; in the video they specifically refer to the character as THE Inquisitor.

  8. Inquisitors come from WEG. High Inquisitor Tremayne was probably their most well known of their villains, and by well known, all 40 guys who still remember the game recall that character.

  9. I played the first version of the WEG RPG and yet I have no memory of this High Inquisitor Tremayne. Tremayne is a comically non-intimidating name.

  10. He was 2nd edition. Came out in 1993ish. Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim.

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