NYCC: Del Rey announces new books by Zahn and Karpyshyn

Erich Schoeneweiss posted on Star Wars Books account on Facebook:

Just announced at our Del Rey Star Wars books panel: Drew Karpyshyn will write a fourth novel that will tie into The Old Republic for Fall 2012 and Tim Zahn will write a new novel starring Han Solo set in the classic films era. More details to come on both as they develop.

Dunc adds: I’m sad to see Zahn in the movie era again, but as Han has frequently been the highlight of his other works there, it has possibility. Some on Twitter are hopeful that this could tie into Han’s smuggling days (or at least, other smugglers) which could be interesting.

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  1. I’ve always really enjoyed the way that Tim writes Han, and the sections of Choices of One that focused on him were a tremendous amount of fun. He’s one of those characters who changes so much over the course of the OT that I’m pretty well pleased any time we get a chance to see a little bit more of that journey. So…This announcement makes me totally happy.

  2. The 20th Anniv HTTE reminded how well Zahn writes Han. I’m quite looking forward to the new novel. If it includes smuggling, all the better.

  3. My latest thought is that if this involves Han’s smuggling days, it might involve some run-ins with CorSec. I can dream, right?

    At least we know we’ll be getting a good Han characterization. Zahn writes him so well.

    Now we just need a Leia book that isn’t Courtship!

  4. I’m less than excited about another movie era book, I’m quite done with that section of the story but I guess others aren’t!

  5. Personally, I like that Zahn is still allowed to write in the film era of the Star Wars Universe. I can’t fault him for preferring it since he’s mentioned before how difficult it can be not to step on the toes of other authors when it comes to writing in the post-Return era.

    Some say that he’s just taking the easy road when he does that, but I think it’s great he gets to stick to the era he prefers and the characters that are still alive and in their prime during that time. Besides, plenty of others already write in the other eras anyway.

    Plus, he’s one of the few that writes Star Wars and its characters so well, in my opinion.

  6. I don’t need to see Zahn writing in the FOTJ or post-FOTJ era, but I’d be way more interested if this Han novel was going in, say, the New Republic era. Even pre-HttE NR.

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