NYCC 2014: Marvel announces Kanan comic series

Kanan #1The big fiction announcement at NYCC this weekend was… A Kanan ongoing series from Marvel. It’s being written by Greg Weisman (which may or may not explain his absence from the second season of Rebels) and begins with ‘The Last Padawan,’ in yet another prequel to the cartoon, this one going back to show how Kanan survived Order 66. Apparently if this does well, more Rebels focused comics may be on the horizon. But at the very least, it adds a different era to Marvel’s Star Wars lineup.

Amy Ratcliffe has a nice interview with Weisman on CBR.

There wasn’t a novel announcement at Del Rey’s panel, but we did learn that Palpatine’s first name (from George Lucas) is revealed in James Luceno’s Tarkin.

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  1. It will be exciting to see the back story of Kanan. I know I have been maybe too passionate in my contributions to discussions on the internet, I personally don’t believe good Star Wars fans want to see anyone fail with Star Wars. I think the point of people being angry or passionate is that they don’t want Star Wars to fail.

    I don’t speak for the immature haters, naturally. If anything, this transition has gotten more fans involved, and I think most of us are looking for a new foundation.

    As I’ve said before, it’s a transition, and there is pain that goes with it. Maybe I’m naive or too optimistic, but I think in a couple years most of the controversy will die down.

    1. Most of the criticism I saw of this was that it was focusing on Kanan instead of Hera or Sabine. My hope is that this means their backgrounds may end up being explored more on the show itself than the details of Kanan’s, which makes some amount of sense given the Jedi factor here.

      But then, I make a point not to pay too much attention to the anti-EU people. They just bring out the mean!snark in me.

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