Not all endings are forever: Best #StarWars, #CloneWars and #SWEU tweets for March 4-11

@Sethrogen: First line of the new Star Wars movie: "Damn those ewoks can party. Now what?"

The Clone Wars is joining its maker in retirement, we learned, even as he himself spilled the beans on the most important Episode VII casting news so far. (I do promise that I’ve spared you all the imminently predictable remarks about old actors, because they’re beyond tired.) All that, plus the usual suspects, beneath the cut.

Best #StarWars tweets for March 4-11

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First line of the new Star Wars movie: "Damn those ewoks can party. Now what?"Seth Rogen
My life has come to the point where I type Star Wars so much, autocorrect just changed "ears" to "wars"David Casadonte
Yesterday I was basically wearing the internet. Cat print dress and Star Wars leggings. Never had so many comments on an outfit in my life.Alice Taylor
Apparently Lucasfilm really will license anything!! #streetsoflasvegas Lucas
Why isn’t there a Star Wars tarot? Lucasfilm has more branded products than Krusty.Gordon White
GOOD: Spent the weekend at JJ’s house, talking STAR WARS. BAD: It was JJ Walker, and we were shooting heroin. #DynomiteSeth Grahame-Smith
The Star Wars prequels all seem to be about how awesome and integral to the fall of the Sith R2D2 is.Kev
Idea: STAR WARS fighting game. Call it "Punch It, Chewie."Brian Lynch

The Clone Wars

…It’s over. Fans mourn, celebrate show
The fortune cookie from the season 5 #CloneWars finale feels extra relevant today: #StarWars Ratcliffe
The Clone Wars is the corner of the Star Wars universe that grabbed me more than anything else. It changed my love of the saga to obsession.Amy Ratcliffe
Sad Sat AM no longer means #StarWars The Clone Wars. At its best, show let interesting characters drive big-hearted storytelling.Jason Fry
. @TheCloneWars pushed boundaries of what’s possible in a "kids show" thanks to stellar animation, sound design, storytelling & acting.Bonnie Burton
Five seasons and 100+ episodes. Not many series, animated or not, get that. I’m looking forward to what Disney and Lucasfilm have up next.Michael Falkner
So sad to hear that #CloneWars is ending. It was the most amazing show and we will miss it. SWWeekends will be bittersweet this year.Michele Orszak
Sad to see @StarWars: The #CloneWars go, as it was an action-packed CGI series that earnestly delved into perpetual war & corrupt politics.Scott Thill
We should be grateful that #CloneWars got five seasons and a finale that brought closure. That’s more than many shows get.Shea’s TCW Source
Thanks to the #CloneWars cast and crew (and everyone at Lucasfilm) for all of the amazing work they’ve done over the last five seasons.William Devereux
I’m reminded of Yoda’s dialogue to Anakin from ROTS regarding the future of #CloneWars. Rejoice in what we got.paul depaola
Goodbye #CloneWars. I’d like to think Ahsoka and Asaaj are off getting drunk in a cantina with HammerheadSimon Perrins
Cast, crew and other VIPs
Since 2008, there have been 5 seasons, 108 Episodes, and 1 theatrical release of The Clone Wars.Leland Chee
Thank u to the fans and everyone who made the Star Wars Clone Wars so special. We had an amazing run!! 5 seasons of Star Wars awesomeness!Matt Lanter
Star Wars The Clone Wars has changed my life …Facebook
A Message from JAT About TCWFrom James Arnold Taylor (voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Star Wars: The Clone Wars) March 11,2013 Last Friday was a red letter date for me as…
Today, as always, Clone Wars fans are the BEST. Thank you for your support & love, the feelings are mutual #theclonewars #starwarsISforevercatherine taber
Thanks for the overwhelming kind words regarding the end of #CloneWars. I’ve never seen an outpouring like this. Bradley Baker
I’m very proud & thankful to be a part of @TheCloneWars I want to thank all the cast, crew & especially the fans for making it so fulfillingDaniel Logan
I get the sentiment that ‘Clone Wars should have a proper finale,’ but it just DID have a most beautiful one.Pablo Hidalgo
It’s been an awesome run and I’m honored to have witnessed it from the start. These future stories are truly gonna be great too!Pablo Hidalgo
The Clone Wars was the best project I’ve worked on yet. Whatever it’s fate, it had a damn good run. Eyes to the future…Jesse Hildreth
Thanks (also) to Clone Wars fans everywhere. You guys are truly the best and a huge part of what has made this show so special. #CloneWarsDavid Acord

Episode VII and such

If the original trilogy was the golden age and the prequels were the misfired silver age, we are in for some Frank Miller Star Wars awesome.Mathew McCurley
You DO realize the 1st Disney Star Wars movie is going to be a buddy comedy w Jar Jar Binks & Goofy, right? Episode VII: Goof TroopersAnton Strout
Lucas Confirms Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Malfunctioning R5-D4, Stormtrooper Who Bangs His Head, Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk Returning for Episode VIIDave Itzkoff
Guys, until Lucasfilm confirms it, NO ONE is in #StarWars Episode VII. By the way, I am in Episode VII. With a unicorn.Wendy Fox Weber
When an actor’s asked to be in the new #StarWars, R2-D2 & C3PO show up in black hats & sunglasses: "We’re getting the band back together."StarWarsin60Minutes
"I’m just not interested in anything ‘Star Wars’ post-1983" – Right. Well get off a comment section about the new #StarWars films then.Chris J. Allan
Anyone else secretly hope @CarrieFFisher reprises Mystery Woman from Blues Brothers instead of Leia in Episode VII? #StarWarsLauren Worley
I realized I can no longer say "You’re directing #EpisodeVII?!?" when someone has good news, especially if they say they can’t share it yet.Kay
"If the original cast returns for Star Wars 7, is that going to invalidate the Expanded Universe?" "Only nerds care."Dorian Wright
Now that George Lucas is free from obligations, maybe he should direct the next Bond film.Steven Schapansky

The Expanded Universe

Speaking of Legacy, got my copies of #1 in today, including variants. Heddle
Just witnessed @HolocronKeeper instruct us on the pronunciation of a new character’s name for a #StarWars audio book. Love our jobs.StarWarsBooks
Has been a busy couple weeks for Random House projects. Finished up comments on CRUCIBLE and KENOBI. Next up: Martha Wells’ novel.Jennifer Heddle
Spending a quiet moment with Han and Chewie on board the Millenium Falcon. This is why I love my job.Daniel Abraham
"There are 2 types of Star Wars fans: those who love Waru, and those who don’t know who Waru is." -paid for by the Prophets of Waru #SWEURoqoo Depot
Has anyone entertained the thought that Abeloth was merely a manifestation of Waru? #SWEUBrian
I was planning on going out tonight, but the story of Mara Jade has me captivated. #timothyzahnKatrina Johnson
I always felt like Wuher’s droid prejudices weren’t adequately explored in the expanded universe and also that my life is very quiet & sad.Troyboy
Hooking them on @StarWars young. Jaina digs it. #SWEU #StarWars Star Wars Report
"The day I ask your advice on how to treat a lady is the day I take a vow of chastity." Lando to 3PO – Someone learned from Han’s mistakes!Bria

Star Wars life

Just burped the Star Wars theme song. Fellas?Misha SuckabuttJones
Got a call from Disney. They heard how dried up my hands were and want to use close-up shots as terrain for an alien planet in #EpisodeVIIZac Boone
Took Maiasaura for a gym class today. Her @HerUniverse Leia tee was a big hit with one little boy who said "Hey! That girl likes Star Wars!"ginchy_amanda
Guy at gym complimented my #StarWars tattoo with respect, genuine kindness, & didn’t quiz me. Guys THAT is how you talk to geek girls.Drea
My son asked if we could watch #StarWars. A single tear of joy rolled down my cheek.Andrew Welsh
Overheard from frustrated filmmaker woman at Coffee Bean: "They kept telling me – ‘make it like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars!" #ohLABenton Connor
Someone on facebook said they blew up a power converter and the first thing I thought of was Star Wars…Long Live Ryan
Look how excited he is to be introduced to Star Wars! Leigh
A four-year-old just described Princess Leia to me as "That twisty-hair girl who is Luke Skywalker’s sister or girlfriend or something."js
I’m nearly certain this child is speaking Huttese. Could be toddler babble, but I like to be optimistic. #StarWars #adventuresindaycareC. Andrew Schmidt
Spotted the Emperor’s Coruscant from the Errant Venture this morning. #SWEU
The fridge has started to make its nightly Chewbacca sounds once more. Strange. #StarWars1607WestEgg
Wearing one of those clarifying mud face masks = what Han Solo felt like when he was in carbonite. @PolaRoid_Rage @hellogiggles #starwarsemilyohjoy


In case anyone was still worried about Disney taking over Star Wars, these aleady exist Alt
"I Still Haven’t Found the Droids Your Looking For" – song from the worlds preeminent Star Wars U2 tribute band R2-U2Gabriel Rutledge
I’d like to see George Lucas update Vader and the Emperor’s hologram chats with a wee Skype logo. Freshen things up a bit.Limmy
Disagree with his methods if you like but the fact remains Vader’s kids grew up to be a Princess and a Jedi Master. #BestDadEverDeath Star PR
MEANWHILE, AT TOSCHE STATION: A pair of 35-year-old power converters, never picked up, are thrown unceremoniously into the trash.John Scalzi

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