No more The Clone Wars on TNT? reports that reruns of The Clone Wars haven’t aired on TNT in several weeks. Someone at the network told the Force-Cast’s Jimmy Mac that the show was only slated for a limited run, but Lucasfilm has so far not responded to TFN’s requests for clarification.

I’ve always thought that rerunning the show on another channel was a bit unnecessary – not when they still have a place on the Cartoon Network. Perhaps, as TFN’s Mike speculates, the TNT ratings simply weren’t as good as expected.

4 Replies to “No more The Clone Wars on TNT?”

  1. and Cartoon Network did recently re-run 6 or 8 of the most popular episodes in the week leading up to the big finale.

  2. And next week they’re rerunning ‘Lair of Grievous,’ in the usual timeslots. CN is certainly the first place I would check for reruns.

  3. Well, they are rerunning TCW at midnight on adult swim, but I think the issue for fans is HD. Cartoon Network is only available in some areas as HD, whereas (I think!) TNT is available everywhere. Watching TCW in HD makes such a huge difference.

  4. I’m with Mandy, my Seldomlink cable doesn’t have CN in HD, so when I was able to see them on TNT I would and it was really kind of nice. Sad they aren’t doing it any longer.

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