No Crimson Empire III in the works, says Stradley

Sorry to get your hopes up, folks, but it seems that Mike Richardson’s announcement was premature. Dark Horse’s Star Wars editor (and Crimson Empire co-writer) Randy Stradley lays it all out on their boards. Basically? Yes, it has been discussed, but:

…I don’t have the time to write it in the foreseeable future. And, frankly, after all these years, I have virtually no interest in continuing/finishing the story. On top of everything else, the approach I had wanted another writer to take has turned out to be impossible within established continuity.

So, despite Mike’s untimely mention of the project, it doesn’t actually exist, no work is being done on it, and it is not on Dark Horse’s Star Wars publishing schedule.

Sorry, comic fans. Better luck next time.

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  1. Too bad… though, to be honest, I’ve never actually read CE. But n0w I’m curious about why it wouldn’t fit with continuity. Maybe they should publish it as Infinities…

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