New Star Wars comic to be announced next week

Next Friday, Dark Horse will announce (via MTV) a brand-new comic series featuring “one of the most beloved-characters in the universe.” More from in the original post:

The series will be written by a well-known creator who hasn’t worked within the universe for a few years, and will be drawn by an artist coming to Dark Horse for the first time.

On the Dark Horse boards, editor Randy Stradley narrows things down just a tad: The character is from the movies, and it’s not Yoda. What’s your guess? (via)

UPDATE: Stradley clarifies the ‘beloved’ wording:

I feel the need for a disclaimer coming on here. Please be advised, I was not consulted on the “beloved” wording. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I’m betting “beloved” not the word that will come to mind for the majority of fans when they find out who it is. For some it will be, sure. But for most — though they may love the character — other words will seem more appropriate.

You’ll see.

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  1. Heh. I wonder how they’d pull that off. ‘Real’ dialogue for Chewie never works for me.

    I’m thinking either Qui-Gon (which would dovetail nicely with next weeks’ Clone Wars) or Lando.

    Not even going to try to guess on the writer and artist…

  2. The “beloved” part is throwing me off because the first
    thought goes to Yoda. Chewie is a great one too, but like Dunc
    said…dialog would be tough. I don’t think of Fett as “beloved” so
    I wouldn’t guess that. Lando is definitely a possibility. R2 is
    beloved, but again, you it a dialog snag. Or it could be something
    so simple…Obi-Wan. Maybe we’ll get some more origin for him.
    Yeah, that’s my guess: Obi-Wan.

  3. Qui Gon would get me to think about buying it because really, there aint much for the QGJ fan. But he’s not really beloved in fandom.

    There’s the one guy I met at CV who is a die-hard Dash Rendar fan but he’s not in the movies. :)

    Wedge would be awesome. More Wedge is a great thing and he’s been in movies and is a character that has had a comic run too.

    Dear lord, it can’t be C3PO could it? The adventures of 3PO between PT and OT?

    LOBOT! Gonk! Jar-Jar! Three beloved by at least one group of fans and they were all in the movies- though LOBOT is only in ESB (I think…). Just kidding.

    I want to say Obi-Wan, but for some reason the 3PO is really speaking to me as the subject.

  4. I’d love to see a Lando series done sort of in the style of Matt Fraction’s “Casanova” series. Not sure it’s really a right fit for the setting, but it could be adapted really well to fit the character. Another Stackpole penned X-Wing series could be great, too.

    More likely than not, though, it’s just going to be another Fett comic. But those can be fun sometimes. Oh god, I’m trying so hard to be positive here…

  5. GONK! The torch has passed from Skippy the Jedi Droid to his disciple, GONK. All hail the power droid!

  6. Maybe I’m being overly-cynical, but it’s an announcement designed to build up hype… don’t be surprised if the “most beloved” bit turns out to be a bunch of hyperbolic hooey. My guess is the same as jsarek: Wedge. (Like, yay.)

  7. More likely than not, though, it’s just going to be another Fett comic.

    The more people guess other stuff, the more I think this is the most likely scenario. Fanboys.

  8. Palpatine: The Early Years would be nice. But this update seems like just another way of saying, “Yeah, it’s Fett. Sorry to get your hopes up. But thanks for the ideas!”

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