New preview from Dark Horse

Legacy #16. Sorry Wantons – no additional Obi-Wan until the issue actually comes out in September.

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  1. *gasp* A comic book that might actually interest me? Ye gods, who knew? Then again, I’m far too frugal and cautious of the EU. let me know if it’s any good and if they keep Obi-Wan in character, ‘kay? I wasn’t too impressed with the Star Wars Republic comics. Their Obi-Wan was rather toothless.

  2. It’s the same writer/artist combo as Republic, whatever that may mean. ::shrug:: I’m probably not the best person to ask, though.

  3. If it’s the same people from Republic, then I’ll just wait for the spoilers to come online to decide if it’s worth buying. Their characterization is really hit or miss (more often a miss), and they’re far too in love with their original characters for me to actually spend money on anything they produce.

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