New looks debut in tonight’s Clone Wars

Supposedly ‘Heroes on Both Sides’ does feature more than the new character models, at least if the episode guide is to be believed. (Hey, what about Padme? Does she get a makeover, or just a couple clothing changes?)

In other news, The Clone Wars movie (remember that?) will debut on Cartoon Network this Saturday.

4 Replies to “New looks debut in tonight’s Clone Wars

  1. I like the new models. Much close to Episode 3 for Anakin and Obi-Wan and Ahsoka appears older as well. Looks like season 3 really starts tonight.

  2. So we’re getting closer to ROTS, judging from their outfits…how old is Ahsoka now? 15? 16? I never really could figure out how old she was when the CW first started…

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