Need a laugh? Corey Feldman wants to play a Solo

I have a not at all irrational hatred for and dread of fan castings – that is, random fans picking actors to play their favorite characters. So, naturally I do not expect the pre-casting period for Episode VII to be a whole lot of fun in that respect.

But I have, for the most part, been able to shrug off most of the actors who’ve so far suggested or been asked if they’d like to be in the new movies. (Yes, even RPatz, that delightful little troll.) I mean, how many actors are actually going to say they don’t want to play a Jedi when asked point-blank?

But this? This, I have to admit, is a whole new kind of hilarious: Corey Feldman wants to play Han Solo’s kid.

I think Harrison Ford’s son is a really great idea, actually. Fans have always said that I would make a great Indiana Jones, a great Young Indiana Jones. We look very similar, we have the same type of bravado. The same character persona with the whole Edgar Frog thing. It is a good fit.”

Bwah. Delusions of grandeur indeed.

10 Replies to “Need a laugh? Corey Feldman wants to play a Solo”

  1. No. Just no. Not for that kind of role.

    But yeah. I think pretty much any actor would love to be in a Star Wars film. Or, at least, a large chunk of them.

  2. Snarky or serious? Hmm.

    Anyway, he was a big child star in the 80’s. The Goonies, The Lost Boys, and Stand By Me are probably the biggest movies he was in.

  3. I apologize for thinking otherwise: I think we ran smack into the generation gap there. Is Goonies not as much of a classic as I remember it?

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