Names named: Secret apprentice, Jabba’s son

NZ Gamer revealed that Vader’s secret apprentice in The Force Unleashed is Starkiller, a name drawn from the early drafts of the first Star Wars script. Now, is that first name, last name, or both? (They also reveal why TFU is a no-go for the PC.)

UPDATE: EUC contacted LucasArt’s Adam Kahn, who told them:

I can confirm that “Starkiller” is the Secret Apprentice’s code name in the game, but we haven’t revealed his real name.

EU Cantina also spotted a little something: Jabba’s son, who plays the role of kidnappee/plot point in The Clone Wars, is given the name ‘Stinky’ by the summary of Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt!. Indeed.

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  1. Well, Rotta. But Stinky is probably an apt nickname for any Huttlet.

    I’m trying to think of what name they could have chosen that’s more overused in the EU than Starkiller and I’m having a hard time. Antilles, maybe.

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