Mystery Star Wars book (series?) spotted on Amazon UK

EDIT: I’ll leave the rest of the post untouched, but check the comments: This is probably a false alarm (on my part,) and the book will likely turn out to be the Century edition of Red Harvest or Choices of One.

An odd item was found on by one of our readers, Richard: A listing for ‘Star Wars 7 book series no 1’ from Century (which published the adult novels in the U.K.) listed a July 7, 2011 hardcover.

First off, I strongly discourage getting your hopes up (or down) over this. While catalog leaks are certainly not unknown, I do hesitate to trust Amazon completely when it comes to this sort of information.

In any case, this is odd on a number of levels: The schedule for 2011 has been public for quite a while, with all the mystery spots filled. And with Fate of the Jedi not wrapping up until November, it’s highly doubtful this would be a post-ROTJ storyline… (Though a longer series in some other era would certainly excite at least a few people.)

Also keep in mind that it was only January that Sue Rostoni said that another long series was highly unlikely. Of course, that was almost a year ago, and it’s possible that something could be in the works for 2012. (And got misdated at some point, perhaps?)

Another thought: As of May, there will be 7 books released in the Fate of the Jedi series. The eighth book (Golden’s Ascension) is scheduled for August. Perhaps Century is repackaging the first seven books in hopes of revitalizing interest? Of course, that doesn’t explain the ‘no 1’ or lack of an author or the price. (Now, if it was listed as an eBook…)

In any case, a delightful mystery. Or something.

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  1. TBH I don’t believe that Amazon UK’s listing indicates a new “7 book series” but rather Amazon’s wording is mixed up. Compare this ‘new’ listing with their listing for Alex Irvine’s as yet untitled Nomi Sunrider novel: “stand alone 7 series no 2”. Indicating it is book 2 of series 7 in the SW publishing line (going back to 1999(?)). According to Amazon, Irvine’s release in UK is for 2nd June 2011 when Sue has indicated a December 2011 for the US release. Clearly Amazon UK’s release dates for Irvine’s book is wrong. Thus, IMO, Amazon’s mystery book should be “stand alone series 7 book no 1”.
    Also, I’d say that this ‘new’ listing (it’s been up for sometime now) is possibly either the UK edition of Red Harvest (which was originaly scheduled for a January 2011 release in US before being pulled forward – for which UK publisher cannot replicate); or Choices of One – neither of which have had any UK release dates announced.

  2. I tried to ask about this today, but the Del Rey folks had no idea. They were going to get back to me, but nothing so far.

  3. NEVER trust Amazon UK listings, they’re a force unto themselves. They’re still taking pre-orders on Karen Traviss’ long-cancelled Boba Fett novel!

  4. Perhaps its time to re-consider this listing because Amazon UK has just listed “Star Wars 7 book series no 2” (author to be confirmed) with a release on 6th October (three months to the day after “Star Wars 7 book series no 1” is released on 7th July).

    Looking at my list of US hardback SW novels not yet assigned a UK release listing, only 4 titles remain: Red Harvest, Choices of One, FotJ: Apocalypse and Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary. Given the known US release dates of these four titles, the only novel “book no 1” could be is Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary – released in US on 21st June and 2 weeks later in UK (normal ‘delay’ between US & UK release) on 7th July.

    Thus, if this is indeed a 7 book series:

    could “book no 2” be a reprint of Dark Force Rising – with a US release in late September (UK release on 6th October)?

    will The Last Command also be released, say in December 2011/January 2012?

    and what other four titles could possibly constitute reprinting in hardback every quarter until December / January 2013?

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