Movie News: Fanboys, Dark Crystal

Fanboys finds a cast – maybe. Folks reportedly in talks are Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars, Jay Baruchel of Undeclared and Just Legal, Chris Marquette of Joan of Arcadia and Sam Huntington, Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns. Just add in a Kevin Smith or Whedon alumni and it’ll be the geekiest cast ever.

Dark Crystal sequal moves forward, with Genndy Tartakovsky (Clone Wars) in the director’s seat.

Still no Bond girl – or villian. Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Wedding Crashers) is the latest name bouncing through rumorville.

First pictures from Spider-Man 3; all Kirsten Dunst, all the time. Also, looks like there may be more familiar comic folks showing up in the film. Are we sure Brett Ratner isn’t involved?

Trailer for Scary Movie 4. You know someone wants to see it.