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With hot stuff Eric Bana dropped out of any possible Hulk sequels, and Marvel desperate to cash in, rumor mill says David Duchovny may step in to play Bruce Banner. Mulder? What have you wrought?

Meanwhile, in a more sucessful corner of the Marvel movieverse, Bryce Dallas Howard may play Peter Parker’s next love interest, Gwen Stacy, putting giant continuty loops in the heads of anyone who reads Spiderman comics. Word is that Howard will dye.

And of course, Superman is over budget. This better be the most super movie ever.

And because it’s just not a superhero post without the X-Men, here’s some musings on Professor X and Magneto from John at the Movie Blog.

One Reply to “Movie News: Everything comics”

  1. Mulder as the Hulk? Uh, no. And what exactly are they trying to cash in on? Hulk was a flop, no?

    And putting Gwen Stacy in NOW? It’s so very, very, very, very WRONG. If they were gonna do Gwen, it should’ve been before Mary Jane. Now I’m leery about SM3. :(

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