Movie News: Americas Next Big SuperFlop

Who are those guys in the back again?The big news this week seems to IESB’s report that a Justice League of America movie has been fast-tracked by Warner Bros. Ryan Reynolds has been talking up The Flash, but Christian Bale pleads ignorance. A Justice League without Batman? The fanboys will love it!

Michael Bay’s hissyfits, let me show you them

3 Replies to “Movie News: Americas Next Big SuperFlop”

  1. I want my sequel to “Superman Returns.” The “Justice League” film idea is silly unless they can get all the actors from the Batman movies and the Superman movies.

    I thought “The Island” was the remake of “Logan’s Run.” XD

    Also, the link to the trailer for “Cassandra’s Dream” is not working. :(

    Why, yes, I am an Ewan fan and will watch anything with him in it, even if it sucks. XD

  2. Thanks for fixing the link, Dunc. “Cassandra’s Dream” looks interesting, but only because it has Ewan in it. I have some deep reservations about it, notably my immense dislike for Colin Farrell, Woody Allen, and the much overused trope of a woman using sex as a weapon to manipulate men to her bidding. These reservations may actually be enough to put me off the film. Ah, well, Ewan has a lot of other movies coming out, bless him, and there’s a few of his old ones I still need to track down.

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