More Fanboys theaters! has theater listings for all the new cities! It’s opening in 10 cities and continuing to play in five, but if you’re in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, or San Francisco better make plans for Friday, because that’s all you get until the DVD.

Columbus fans get a special treat: There’ll be a Q&A with director Kyle Newman, writer Ernie Cline, and producers Matthew Perniciaro & Kevin Mann.

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  1. Really glad it finally got released, esp with its cancer sub-plot intact. It must have taken so much love and passion for SW to have held on for 10 years. Maybe it is a missed opportunity, but i doubt thats solely down to a directorial lack. Reckon Weinsteins’ limited release, is still gonna damage its chances of getting much of an international release. I’m in the UK, so will just wait for it to come out on DVD, that’ll do the trick ;-) Always sounds to me like Harvey Weinstein is chewing some seriously sour grapes; and doing his best to have the last laugh, THAT is the sad thing/truth about this film. Kind of like Fanboys, thought you might be interested, but a bit more serious (probably not a many lightsaber=penis jokes) is ‘The People vs George Lucas’. Trailer was released on Friday,a documentary about Fanboys, trailer here:

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