More east coast dates for Star Wars: In Concert

A couple more dates have shown up on the Star Wars: In Concert listing on Ticketmaster. The concert website is listing a few of them, but none later than November 12.

  • Nov. 6: North Charleston, SC; North Charleston Coliseum. (On-sale: 9/23)
  • Nov. 7: Charlotte, NC; Time Warner Cable Arena. (On sale now.)
  • Nov. 11: Providence, RI: Dunkin’ Donuts Center. (On-sale: 9/23)
  • Nov. 14 (two shows:) Boston MA; TD Garden. (On-sale: 9/23)
  • Nov. 17: Wilkes-Barre, PA; Wachovia Arena. (On-sale: 9/23)
  • Nov. 28 (two shows:) Auburn Hills, MI; The Palace of Auburn Hills. (On-sale: 9/23)
  • Nov. 29: Pittsburgh, PA; Mellon Arena. (On-sale: 9/23)
  • Dec 2: Columbus, OH; Nationwide Arena. (On-sale: 10/01)

UPDATE: I set my location in Ticketmaster and it’s now showing me two shows set for The Palace of Auburn Hills (outside Detroit) on Saturday, November 28 (3:30 and 8:00pm.) Neither were showing up earlier, but they may just have been added later today. (I can’t believe we rate a Saturday.)

UPDATE 2: And now they’re showing Columbus for December 2!

6 Replies to “More east coast dates for Star Wars: In Concert

  1. I know it’s probably more out of the way for you, but I’d be surprised if there’s not a Grand Rapids one, or at least something else in Ohio. Of course, if they’re doing the midwest through the holidays that’ll be tough, period.

  2. Columbus is too far for me to go on a Wednesday. GR would be very doable; it’s only about an hour from here. I would consider making a trek to Ohio (or Chicago or Indianapolis) but only for a weekend concert. My luck they’ll schedule GR for the first weekend in Dec – when I’m hip deep in holiday concerts!

    Thanks for the updates. Please keep ’em coming.

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