More April Fool’s

Our own ‘Club Obi-Wan’ has finally been put down…

As far as SW fandom goes, I think Wookieepedia won this round handily. TheForce.Net phoned it in this year with a less-than-special interview podcast; their boards got a Barbie theme.

I enjoyed Sainting Neil Gaiman, Kevin J. Anderson’s hostile takeover of Larry Niven’s legendary “Known Space”; Anita Blake vs. Anna Nicole and Sci-Fi Channel’s real stargate.

Oh, and SyFy Portal think we’re all being terribly unprofessional. I can only dream of having such delusions of grandeur, but then we here are only mere fan bloggers and cannot possibly understand the responsibilities of posting real news.

One Reply to “More April Fool’s”

  1. Delusions of grandeur? I resemble that. :)

    Honestly. Is there no sense of fun left in the world?!

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