Missed the Star Wars comic at Free Comic Book Day?

Not able to make it to a comic shop Saturday? Or were they out of the Star Wars comic before you got there? Well, stop your moping: Dark Horse will be putting their offerings up for free on Digital.DarkHorse.com come Wednesday. You don’t even need to download an app – you can read them right in the browser.

3 Replies to “Missed the Star Wars comic at Free Comic Book Day?”

  1. Guess that’s better than nothing. While I was pleased to see all of the kids and new readers at my LCS on Saturday, I was overall disappointed with the selection. There were stacks and stacks of the Marvel offerings and very little of the smaller publishers. My shop had zero of the Star Wars or Red5 books left when I got there. I know that they are not that popular so that means that they just didn’t get enough. Thought the point of FCBD was so people could try new titles out, not just see more Spider-Man and Wolverine.

  2. my usual shop was all out of the Clone Wars / Avatar comic from Dark Horse by the time i got there at noon – guess it shows how popular that one was, compared to some of the other titles (Green Lantern ran out while i was there).

    I went to another shop and managed to get my TCW one!

    Best FCBD story: Mouse Guard!

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