Meet the Episode VII cameras?


Andrew Bikichky, a working cameraman in Los Angeles, tweeted a picture of this “custom blacked-out Panaflex XL” that J.J. Abrams and crew will use to film Episode VII. There’s a second one, and they both have names… Head under the cut to learn them!

4 Replies to “Meet the Episode VII cameras?”

  1. I’m so glad they’re shooting on film! I think it will bring some of the visual texture back that was absent in the prequels. Love me some grainy 35mm New Hope : ) Now let’s just hope they keep the CG to a minimum. Real extras would be so welcome after all those CG clones in II and III.

  2. Seems like there’s always a bigger.. uh… lens?
    So, who is ready for the unavoidable “Will there be a third Death Star in the sequels” debate (in lieu of actual, you know, facts)?

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