McCallum: Lucasfilm hasn’t forgotten about Star Wars live-action series, cost remains an issue

Rick McCallum talked to IGN about – what else – the live-action series. He reiterates the cost and technical issues with doing the series, saying, “They’re so complicated. Each hour has more visual effects, digital animation, than any of the films we’ve done.” He also clarifies his previous comments on ‘underworld,‘ saying that while the term has plenty of meaning for the series, it’s not a working title. Also: A Star Wars theme park and Joe Johnston’s hopes to helm a Boba Fett movie, and what’s on the horizon for George Lucas. And the interview ends when ‘1313’ is brought up. Curious! (via)

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  1. Yeah…gonna back Jason here. Star Wars was (and sometimes still is) interesting because it took mid-20th century space opera and injected some grit and ambiguity into it by way of genre mixing. The presence of “grey” characters doesn’t just effect the immediate situation in a work of fiction, it implies whole extra layers of depth and detail and quickly expands the viewer/reader’s perception of the setting. I mean, one of the biggest reasons why I’m a fan of Star Wars over Star Trek (aside from impeccable taste) is that, outside of Deep Space Nine, Star Trek lacks or ignores a criminal underworld and feels pointlessly sterile for the absence.

  2. Easiest solution: Let’s wrap up TCW after season 6 and turn the live action series over to Lucasfilm Animation, then make Ahsoka its main character as a Jedi in the shadows of Coruscant. Problem solved. ;)

  3. I think they’d probably just be better off adapting the X-Wing books/comics into a live action series. It’s already highly serialized, has a ton of solid and likeable characters, carries its action across a variety of platforms, and it lets us explore beyond where the movies end. Could be relatively cost effective, too: the cast is mostly human, and they’re usually squaring off against the Empire so the villains are mostly human as well, and with the way that the stories can be paced into episode-to-episode arcs you probably aren’t going to be spending any more time in space per hour than the average episode of new-BSG.

  4. They’re already pretty deeply into this though. That idea wouldn’t bad for animation, especially post-The Clone Wars.

    There’s supposed to be sixteen episodes per season. They’ve written fifty-ish. That’s three seasons.

    I think they could do a Star Wars Live Action show based on some premise but I think the idea is to make a deeper show for adults.

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