May the 4th: Dressing to impress for Star Wars Day

The 501st group photo at CVI (James)

May the 4thWhat will the fashionable geek be wearing to the May the 4th celebrations? Thanks to the recent explosion of geek fashion, the ladies actually have more options than the men, these days.

Of course, no matter your gender, you can always go with costuming as your favorite character. There are several different groups that can help you build a screen-accurate costume; the most famous being The 501st, the Rebel Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs. But if you’re lacking the time to get a costume finished by this weekend, you can always go with the officially licensed ones.

If you want to be a little less complicated, there is always the standard t-shirt and jeans, combo. The number of Star Wars t-shirts is astronomical. There’s no way even Rancho Obi-Wan can collect them all. But there are some great online resources for creative shirts not seen everywhere, like WeLoveFine that features fan-created t-shirts. Or you can go the cheap route and pick up a t-shirt at a craft store for a few bucks and bleach a design onto it using stencils for your own, unique look.

Her Universe'd=s Japan Missy Cut V-NeckLooking for a t-shirt style more flattering to the female figure? There’s the store that can be credited for helping create the craze of  fashions for the female geek:  HerUniverse. Those of us with more curves will really like the fit of the Japan Missy Cut. Hot Topic stores also carry some of the Her Universe line (with more coming soon,) as well as other fashion items for both men and women.

Those of you women who are comfortable with things that are more close-fitting than tees will probably want to check out Black Milk Clothing for their screen-printed leggings, swimsuits and mini-dresses that can be used to put together some great outfits.

Feeling a little less fashionably adventurous? Etsy is a great resource for some really adorable fashions using the large line of Star Wars fabrics that have come out, lately. (Or you can use them to inspire your own sewing creations.)

Or if you want to stick with a more subtle Star Wars fashion nod, there are tons of outfit ideas inspired by Star Wars to be found on Tumblr and Pinterest that don’t feature one lick of Star Wars merchandising.

No matter what you decide to wear, have fun with it. That’s the whole point!

3 Replies to “May the 4th: Dressing to impress for Star Wars Day”

  1. I’m wearing my Her Universe Padme shirt, and am debating embroidering the Rebel Alliance or Jedi Order symbol onto the butt pocket of my jeans (in a dark blue or black thread, so nothing that will stand out too much on my dark-wash denim).

  2. Ooo. That would be really cool, Annalee; especially if you end up wearing the jeans at a con.

  3. Well, I’ll be at a open government conference this weekend–so not exactly a fandom gathering, but there will be a lot of nerds there. I’m expecting a steady stream of May The Fourth jokes.

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