May the 4th: Captain Phasma and everything in-between

vf-phasmaTurns out, we got the full set of Vanity Fair‘s The Force Awakens set pics today after all – Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma was supposed to be the picture in the email newsletter Tuesday, but someone over at VF put up the whole spread in their revived Star Wars portfolio this afternoon.

Chris Taylor explores – but long story short, they folded and put up Phasma anyway. Writer Joanna Robinson does say that they have “something else up our sleeves” for the email, though… I am happy to see the prequel stuff back up again, officially.

→ A new Force for Change initiative began today – one-of-a kind stormtrooper helmets are being auctioned to raise funds for UNICEF.

→ Andi from asked fans at Emerald City Comicon about their May the 4th plans. I think the ultimate win goes to the International Space Station folks, though.

WaPo’s Alyssa Rosenberg wrote about what Princess Leia taught her about love and politics. On that note, Carrie Fisher was interviewed by the Legion of Leia.

→ Also… Spotify revealed their most-streamed Star Wars tracks| John Boyega is at the Met Ball tonight | There’s a BB-8 dress