Marvel’s Star Wars editor teases a big reveal

marvel2Man Cave Daily (eyeroll) has an interview with with Marvel Star Wars editor Jordan D. White, who promises that they will be revealing… something. The question is in relation to the old ’80s Marvel stuff, but the answer to me seems much bigger than that:

Actually–let me take that back–there IS a big thing we have not announced yet that will be revealing stuff in comics first. It’s a big part of a character’s backstory that is important to them but that has not been shown before. We’re going to have the chance to reveal it in comics first. I can’t say what or where yet…but I will eventually.

I know our (okay, MY) first instinct is always Episode VII, but if he’s even mentioning it now, my guess is Rebels. Maybe something we’ll learn about at New York Comic Con?

Marvel’s first Star Wars comics will hit the shelves in January.

5 Replies to “Marvel’s Star Wars editor teases a big reveal”

  1. Reminds me of The Clone Wars cartoon spoiling General Greivous’ arms. In the end, a disappointment.

    1. Clone Wars, not The Clone Wars, since TCW didn’t start until several years after ROTS.

      But if it’s Rebels… Shrug. We know they’re not going to do flashbacks, so maybe this is how they’ll fill in some blanks.

  2. Hmm, the way it’s worded sounds more like an existing character “backstory…not been shown before.” My guess is somebody like Yoda or Palpatine.

  3. My guess would be Vader learning about Luke. Even though that was already covered in the original Marvel run, the current crew seem oblivious to it.

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